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The Appointed Festivals In Leviticus Are Like Dress Rehersals For The Most Important Events

Think of the appointed festivals in Leviticus 23 as DRESS REHEARSALS. We are to rehearse them year to year, so we KNOW what to expect when the real play unfolds. The Festivals such as (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits), AND ( Pentecost, Trumpets and Atonement) (Read More.....)

The Seventh Day Sabbath

All over the globe, there is a major move among Christian believers back to the seventh day Sabbath.  People are realizing that God made the seventh day holy from the very creation of the world, that the Ten Commandments instruct us to keep the seventh day Sabbath, that Jesus taught his followers to keep the Ten Commandments (Matthew 5:17-19), that we will be keeping the seventh day Sabbath after Jesus returns (Ezekiel 45 and 46) and that we will keep the seventh day Sabbath for all eternity (Isaiah 66).  Despite intense persecution, there have been groups of believers that have kept the seventh day Sabbath throughout church history, and there will always be groups of believers that keep the seventh day Sabbath until Jesus returns.  If you are not certain about what you believe regarding the Sabbath, hopefully this article will be very helpful for you. (Read More.....)

Could It Be Possible That You Are Part Of The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel?

The Scriptures tell us that the “lost tribes” of Israel will play a major role in the last days. But if they are “lost”, how will they be found? Who are they? Where did they go? Will it soon be time to blow the shofar and call the lost tribes home?  Could it be possible that you are part of the ten lost tribes of Israel? Even many Christians who are very familiar with the Scriptures may not really understand the truth about the ten lost tribes of Israel. Hopefully this article will help many of you to understand the history and the background of the lost tribes. (Read More.....)

Pagan Christmas

Is Christmas pagan?  Do the celebration of December 25th, the Christmas tree, the giving of gifts and other Christmas traditions all have their root in the pagan mystery religions of the ancient Middle East?  Or is all of this stuff about a “pagan Christmas” just a bunch of nonsense?  Well, the truth might surprise you.  As you read this article, please keep an open mind.  Christmas is undoubtedly a lot of “fun”, but perhaps once you find out about the origins of Christmas you will look at the holiday differently.  After all, if the holiday celebrated on December 25th and all of the associated traditions were originally designed to worship pagan gods, is that something that believers should be associated with?  Keep that question in mind as you read the rest of this article. (Read More.....)

10 Reasons Why Rosh Hashanah Is A Christian Holiday Too

As Jews all over the globe sound the shofar and celebrate Rosh Hashanah (the Feast of Trumpets) this year, the vast majority of Christians will have absolutely no idea that Rosh Hashanah is a Christian holiday too.  It is a holiday that was created by God, it is a holiday that Jesus celebrated, it is a holiday that the first Christians celebrated, it is a holiday that foreshadows the return of Jesus, and it is a holiday that the entire world will celebrate during the 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth. Sadly, most Christians don’t know the first thing about this amazing festival.  But Christians should learn about it.  The truth is that God has always had His most important events foreshadowed by His festivals and has always had His most important events actually fall on the dates of these festivals.  For example, Passover foreshadowed the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and it was fulfilled on that day.  Pentecost foreshadowed the giving of the Holy Spirit and it was fulfilled on that day.  The Feast of Tabernacles foreshadowed the birth of the Messiah and it was fulfilled on that day.  So what does the Feast of Trumpets foreshadow?  It foreshadows the last trumpet before the return of Jesus Christ, and it seems almost a certainty that it will be fulfilled on that day as well. (Read More.....)

Long Before New Moon Was A Movie It Was A Holiday Instituted By God

New Moon is almost certainly going to be the biggest movie of 2009. In fact, it is expected to take in somewhere around 100 million dollars in ticket sales in the first weekend alone.  But long before “New Moon” was ever known as the hottest vampire romance movie ever to come out of Hollywood, it was a holiday instituted by God.  Surprisingly, very few people know about that fact.  It is quite a sad commentary on the state of the church today that the vast majority of Christians in the industrialized nations around the world (especially the young people) know all about the “New Moon” vampire movie coming out, but only a small fraction of them even realize that God created a unique holiday which He called “New Moon” which His people practiced for thousands of years and which God still intends for us to keep today. (Read More.....)

Did God Intend For Jews And Christians To Have Different Religions?

Did God intend for Jews and Christians to have different religions?  Did Jesus Christ come to this earth to set up an entirely new religion or was He a continuation of what God had already been doing since the beginning of time?  Why do Christians today practice holidays and traditions that are completely different from the holidays and the traditions that the early apostles practiced? (Read More.....)